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The pro search Approach

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The pro search Approach to Recruiting

Since the very start, pro search has concentrated it's efforts on a special recruiting methodology called active search as the most efficient way to recruit superior candidates for our clients. Active search requires that our consultants are in the field and on the phone proactively looking for the right people and not relying on the right candidates to find us.

At pro search, we intentionally don't limit ourselves to a particlar industry or type of position. Instead, we develop long-term working relationships with our clients and help them find the best people in their own industries. Because our policy prohibits working for direct competitors within the same industry, this guarantees an unrestricted search field.

A keen knowledge and understanding of the local labor market gives pro search the ability to carefully guide it's clients in defining a search profile. Once a profile is complete pro search consultants immediately begin the search and don't stop until the right person is found.

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Why We're Sucessful

Continuity and Personal Committment

Our consultants see recruitment as a profession, not as a business, and approach their work with passion. As a client, the consultant you meet will also be performing the search. This means he or she will be representing your company on the phone and in person, during interviews. We take pride in the professionalism, commitment and personality of our consultants because he or she is the business card of our clients. Over 70 % of our current searches come from our existing customers and this indicates that we work hard to satisfy them.

Independent and Good Judgement of Candidates

Based on long experience. While recruitment skills are teachable, good business judgement is not. Pro search therefore employs only consultants with a strong technical and/or business background. We do not hire junior consultants or consultants from other recruitment firms. We garantee independence as none of our consultants recieve payments linked to specific projects and none of our clients represents more than 10% of our turnover.

A Fixed Fee Policy With a Guarantee

That warranties an objective selection process. Pro search accepts searches only on a fixed fee basis. The fee is based on the difficulty of the search and the resulting estimated time required to undertake the search. Since our fee does not depend on the candidates compensation, there is no incentive to present candidates with high salary expectations. We believe that this approach warranties a more objective evaluation process and leads to the presentation of the most suitable candidates.

The Quality of Our Work

It takes hard work, but pays off. Time and speed matter, but no serious search firm can offer an instant solution to a client's recruiting requirement. In the end, it's the quality of the candidate that makes the difference and warranties success.


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